Tom Carnivale’s Sentry360 Started on the Basement and Leads the Surveillance Industry Today

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Tom Carnevale
While most of the young adults in their 20s still figure out about what they will do with their life, Tom Carnevale was already in the developmental stages in the innovation of the security surveillance technology for his company. One thing that is common with the other young adults aging 20 is that he was starting his company from the basement of his parents.

Tom Carnevale, as the CEO and President of Sentry360, have come from the entrepreneurs’ long line so it fit that the basement of his father has been the starting place for his business. His grandfather was an entrepreneur in the business of diamond and his father was an instrumental part in the management software refinement, both of them have inspired Tom Carnevale in pursuing his dream to be the best and the biggest in the industry of surveillance technology.

It all started with the idea of becoming the best manufacturer of the video management software or the VMS in the industry. The large idea have grown into Carnevale’s valuable experience of learning, with great opportunities from Des Plains Public Works, Chicago Housing Authority, and W Hotels. While his work remained stable from year 2004-2007, the security surveillance installments predominantly took place around the areas of Chicago and the growth of his small company is on the horizon.

Tom Carnevale

Tom Carnivale’s Sentry360 took and evolved on his new partners in the year 2008, partners with background developments, and an expertise in embedded hardware engineering, sensors and algorithms. As he is focusing on the experience of the user and looking for a niche, Tom prepared of embarking on a tour with the new technology of camera, while he battle with the harsh recession. One thing that profits his company these days is that all of their products were made in the US, by the US-owned company.

Tom is eager to share his products, which are made in the USA with the world as he hopes that they will be having a good influence within the global market. These surveillance technology has proved to be problem solvers because the fish eye 360 degrees have solved the problem of the blind spot in video surveillance as it reduce the maintenance and labor, and gives the end user the complete coverage with the persistent detail. Since Tom Carnevale had received recognition in his chosen career, many companies have been asking him to share his ideas and insights on the surveillance technologies.