Neil Dhillon’s Walk to Success

Neil DhillonAll the successful people are just plain dreamers before. The only thing that made their dreams real is their determination and sacrifices through the years just to reach what they want to be or to have. Neil Dhillon is one of them. He began his obsessions with public affairs and politics there at the American University located in Washington, D.C. where he successfully earned his degree in Political Science back in the year 1984.

After his successful college achievements, he then immediately moved in the government and at the same time worked with U.S. Congressman Bob Matsui and due to his excellent performance. In 1988, he was promoted to the Chief Of staff of Matsui’s staff. Early in the year 1933, he was appointed by President Bill Clinton to be the Deputy Assistant Secretary of the Government Affairs at the US department of Transportation so he moved in from the Capitol Hill all the way to the White House.

No wonder with how did he earn the trust of the American President because Neil Dhillon has caught the President’s eye because he was officially recognized by Clinton as the top and best Asian American appointee in a certain White House ceremony that was also held in that very same year. That appointment has paved the way to more opportunities for him to realize his dreams.

Neil DhillonAfter his successful stint in the White House where he earned a very good reputation and work ethics, he moved and worked in the private sector. He started his journey to his success in the American Academy of Actuaries and worked as the dedicated Director of the Media and Public Affairs. Then from the year 1998-2004, Neil Dhillon was the Senior Vice President at the Hill and Knowlton International Public relations. He has been a blessing in disguise in this lobbying and governmental affairs firm because during his 6 years of working here, the organization has won the “Agency of the Year” for six times.

With his 30 years of Political experience, being a lobbyist, strategist, serious and effective political advisor, policy manager, global public affairs professional, experienced problem solver, communications expert and a recognized leader, Neil Dhillon is an indispensable asset to all people or organization that he will be associated with. Though he has already achieved his dreams, he still works hard in order to help his fellowmen and to show the world that everybody has the chance to change, dream and to realize their fantasies.